How To Determine The Cost Of Customised Stair Lifts

September 13, 2019 0 Comment

An investment into a stair lift for a loved one is one of the best choices you can make. At a certain age, elderly people still want to maintain their independence, yet it is difficult for those that have a home that has a staircase. Their inability to ascend and descend the staircase may compromise their ability to move around and do their usual routine. By installing a stair lift, you will provide them with this functionality, allowing them to move about as they once did before they became unable to do this on their own. The cost of a stair lift can be substantial, depending upon the length of the staircase, its design, and whether or not it is customised. If you are specifically looking for a customised stair lift, you can get multiple quotes from different businesses that will offer you a wide variety of options.

How Much Does An Average Stair Lift Cost? 

The average cost of a stair lift is typically thousands of dollars. Depending upon where you are in the world, regardless of your currency, it will be quite expensive. For example, if you are in Great Britain, it will still be thousands of pounds sterling. Therefore, you need to get multiple quotes from a wide variety of different and reputable businesses that specialize on the installation of these very helpful and unique contraptions.

Different Types Of Stair Lifts That Can Be Installed 

There are three standard types of stair lifts that are made. These would include those that are straight, those that are curved, and ones that are designed for outdoor staircases. Additionally, there are standing stair lifts, including those that are curved and straight, plus platform stair lifts are another option. In most cases, people will want to install a stair lift inside of a home, which limits the number of options available. The least expensive will be those that are on shorter straight staircases, with the most expensive being customised stair lifts that are designed for curved, or uniquely shaped, staircases that are quite extensive.

What Is A Customised Stair Lift? 

A customised stair lift is simply a stair lift that is going to be far from standard. When staircases straight, or has a gradual curve, they will likely have one that is in stock that they can install. However, especially in elite homes that are quite expensive, the staircases can be quite elaborate. They may need to design one specifically for that staircase, and in doing so, the cost will be much higher. They will come out to take measurements, and then decide how it will be attached to the walls to provide the highest level of safety. Additionally, other requests can be granted including making the stair lift out of different materials, providing a larger seat, and many other options.

Do All Stair Lift Companies Provide Customizing Options? 

If you are working with one of the larger companies that manufacture stair lifts, it is likely that they will have customizing options. Smaller businesses may not have those options available due to a lack of equipment for doing customization. When you request an estimate, be sure to tell them that this is for a customised stair lift before going any further. That will eliminate those that cannot do customization, and allow you to receive quotes from only businesses that have the capability to provide this for you.

Will They Take Longer To Install? 

The most difficult part of the customization process is doing the measurements and then creating a physical item that needs to be installed. Once that is done, they will already have the equipment, tools, and the stair lift itself which will fit perfectly per their measurements. Therefore, it should not take any longer than a standard installation as they will have done this many times before. In most cases, this will take no longer than a few hours, and once it is checked for safety, it will be ready to be used. These companies will also provide instruction for the elderly, and those that are responsible for them, to make sure they understand how it works. As long as you are working with a reputable business, it is likely that it will be done properly, and they will also answer any questions that you may have about the finished product.

Is There A Way To Save Money On A Customised Stair Lift?

Saving money on a customised stair lift typically occurs when you have multiple quotes that you have received. You can talk with each of the businesses, tell them how much another company has offered you, and then they may offer you a discount. At times, they may also advertise that they are running a special on the installation of both standard and customised stair lifts. These are typically for a limited amount of time, and if you can take advantage of this during this period of time, you can save a substantial amount of money.

It is so important for the people in your family that need customised stair lifts to get the best ones that are sold and installed today. By taking advantage of the many experts in your area, and getting multiple quotes from them, you will eventually find one that is exceptional. If they are running a special, and if they are a well-known business, certainly consider using them so that you can save money. As long as they guarantee their work, as well as the stairlift itself, you will know that you have found the best deal on a customised stairlift.